24 Hours of ManBearPig

South Park: The Attack of Global Warming

Today is ManBearPig day. World renowned carbon trader and masseuse enthusiast Al Gore will be kicking off the celebrations by showing wall-to-wall eco-porn videos of weather doing scary things; stock markets across Europe will be collapsing in sympathy with the Prince of Wales’s recent claims that economic growth is unhealthy and we must all live more “sustainably” (ie in abject poverty); and here on this blog we plan to commemorate this glorious event with fun, games and some of our favourite South Park, Futurama and Eco-loon propaganda videos.

Altogether now: “GLOBAL WARMING! WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!!!”

Here is a Futurama… (to see more, click here)

2 thoughts on “24 Hours of ManBearPig”

  1. My head carefully wrapped in tin-foil, I sat in rapture as I received Mr. ManBearPig’s holey communism. My head now full of emptiness, I think I am ready to surrender to the inevitable future, which happens also to be empty, of people and of hope. After all, nihilists cannot avoid the void, and the last two hundred years have made us all nihilists in an age post-everything. All Hail Nothingness! Al Gore for Grim Reaper! Huzzah!

  2. Wow, what an ecelectic mix to read.. from the joys of Roy Harper (and that really made me smile), to the expose of lies and mis-information surrounding our climate change, topped off with Man-Bear-Pig!!

    Climate change is big on the agenda today, I don’t think that too many people would argue that “less” chemicals in our water, toxins in our air and soil would not be a bad thing; but for sure, it is not the lead factor in our changing climate.

    Our beautiful planet is changing all the time, we are simply along for the ride. Powers beyond our control such as migrating poles and solar winds will be the real changes we experience with mankinds toxic polution, a minor contributor.

    We are told by many scientific experts that we should expect more solar winds in years to come as our life giving sun also experiences constant change (could it have its own global warming? – joke before anyone snipes…), I would consider the impact of such events to be the real concern, especially with 400+ nuclear reactors scattered around the globe, when the cooling systems fail due to EMP effects causing potential melt-down = that really would be made made global warming…

    Follow the money, too much is involved, too many politicians to simply believe the party line, take it upon yourself to verify the facts and make an informed decision…

    Question everything… especially if Government is involved…

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