Be afraid: German ex-Chancellor demands 'United States of Europe'.

Gerhard Schroeder has just called for an end to “national sovereignty” and the creation of a “United States of Europe.” Does anyone else find this sort of talk a bit scary, especially when voiced by a former Chancellor of Germany? (H/T Rich Scherf)

Among those who doesn’t, apparently, is our Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. What Schroeder is proposing differs very little from what Osborne was suggesting earlier this summer when he wrote in the Telegraph:
As I’ve said, the eurozone countries need to accept the remorseless logic of monetary union that leads from a single currency to greater fiscal integration. Solutions such as euro bonds now require serious consideration if investors are to…

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2 thoughts on “Be afraid: German ex-Chancellor demands 'United States of Europe'.”

  1. You make an important point in noting that the EU Constitution is about holding power at the centre and supporting a non-democratic single superstate. In this it reflects the Code Napoleon notion that has been introduced to the UK, subsuming the Common Law and the liberty of our citizens. In this Code, the state exists as if it were an actual thing and the people are there to serve it. In Britain of course, the natural state of things was recognised and the people owned the law and the state existed to serve them.

    This is usually summed up in the following fashion; in Britain everything is legal unless specifically denied by law and on the Continent everything is illegal unless the state allows it. The French system is a monstrous construct and an insult to all who suffer it.

    Of equal concern of course and picking up on the title of your piece, is the Empire building of the Fourth Reich. The Franco-German alliance that is at the heart of the EU project was designed of course to ‘prevent European wars’, though ignoring who was generally responsible for them. They had come to realise that over the centuries they had wasted their efforts fighting each other and getting nowhere (rescued repeatedly, by the way, by dear old Blighty), so the new idea was to avoid war and take over Europe by stealth.

    Having a currency ahead of a country makes no sense, unless the main way you gain real swathes of power is by using ‘beneficial crises’, in which case making a particularly large one would be very useful. One centred around the currency. A crisis that was absolutely bound to happen due to the structural faults built into the system.

    Is what the EU is doing acceptable, just because they have not killed people to obtain their objectives? Using banks instead of tanks.

  2. Is any informed observer surprised at this? The surprise is that these people have come out as blatant totalitarians they have been from the beginning. What was the establishment of the European Union, to be controlled centrally by groups of self selected elites with their chosen successors but the toe in the water to this end? Remember all those referenda about the Maastricht Treaty, and the bien- pensant responses to the objections from some of the populations that were even permitted that much comment on these “elites” plans. Some people understood full well even then the activities as a power grab of unprecedencted proportion and aims.

    Totalitarian in the sense they as the only drivers of the engines of the states in which many disparate peoples live. Don’t bother with that ridiculous notion, never a favourite among European social and intellectuals/intellectuloid “elite” that ordinary people have dignity and sense enough to decide about their own lives.

    Such an idea too too reminiscent of principles on which that evil of the 20th/21st century, that aberration of sense and sensibility, the United States of America are based. So take the name, disguise as grandma of Red Riding Hood, the totalitarian aims behind the words Independence and equality. Replace that motto with power to the people. God, the People? Those rabble! When we have philosopher kings to guide the benighted masses? Better still the dictatorship of the proletriate to replace liberty, egalite et fraternity. A dream come true. and the rabble won’t know what hit them until it’s too late. Just dress it in “for the good of the people” and bob’s your uncle.

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