Obscure editor resigns from minor journal: why you should care

If you read Watts Up With That or Bishop Hill – or indeed, if you’re mad enough to take RealClimate or Daily Climate or the BBC seriously – you’ll know that the biggest ‘climate change’ story of the last few days has been the one about Wolfgang Wagner.


Well, yeah, quite. That was my immediate response. In fact I was quite tempted to write up the story with the headline: Incredibly Obscure Editor Of Magazine You’ve Never Heard Of Resigns Over Immeasurably Trivial Issue For No Apparent Reason.

There were several reasons for my lofty indifference.

1. It’s too esoteric.

2. I sensed there was more yet to emerge and I wasn’t going to bother till it did.

3. – and most important – when you write up stories like this you’re playing the enemy’s game. A…

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