Sarah Palin totally gets it

Yes I too am excited about Rick Perry’s “welfare is a Ponzi scheme” speech. Even more so over the fact that, far from frightening off the voters, his honesty appears to be making them more enthusiastic. The problem for Rick is that his stout words are in severe danger of being eclipsed by an even finer speech by Sarah Palin at Indianola, Iowa. (Thanks to Richard North for drawing it to my attention). It was so inspirational, so true that it prompted even her traditional enemy the New York Times to ask:
Is there a hint of a political breakthrough hiding in there?
I think there is. I think if she goes on like this, all bets for Perry, Bachmann, Paul are off. I think President Palin…

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One thought on “Sarah Palin totally gets it”

  1. “Yes I too am excited about Rick Perry’s “welfare is a Ponzi scheme” speech”

    Yes it is a ponzi scheme and that’s why Rick Perry will privatize it just like he privatized public works in Texas because what good is a ponzi scheme if it isn’t in private hands. I bet a few a people would love to get their hands on all that cash to pump and dump on Wallstreet to create booms and busts to line their pockets. Of course they’ll lose it all and blame it on terrorists so the elderly dependent on it can have some comfort in the rest of their short lives before sickness, cold, and hunger takes them.

    I bet he’ll call it capitalism. Why do you enable these clowns? They’re the same as teleprompter in chief Obama.

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