Why aren't there more rewards for being right?

A Conservative friend of mine has a favorite exasperated phrase for our political class: “There just aren’t enough bullets.” He doesn’t mean it literally. Like me – more or less – he’s a peace and love kind of guy. What he’s expressing is frustration that the fools in power who make mistakes which impact on all our lives never seem to pay any real price for messing things up.

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3 thoughts on “Why aren't there more rewards for being right?”

  1. Don’t call the fools in power fools. What about that genius Gordon Brown who as Chancellor of the Exchequer sold off half of England’s gold supply at $275 the ounce. How do you like that for forward vision?

  2. Watch Brown refuse to admit to making an error by selling gold at rock bottom price: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDm8zGwcdZ4

    He claims it’s the Conservatives fault he made a loss by selling off that gold, because the Conservatives were selling off assets, and he just “diversified into gold”.

    This kind of obfuscating dishonesty is what you get all the time at the lower levels of society, such as the rock bottom state comprehensives and universities. Nobody every makes a mistake. They’re all educated enough to be able to come up with some convoluted excuse or explanation that allows them to fail to learn from their error. Would he have felt differently if it had been his own personal money he flushed down the lavatory? 🙂

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