A rude shock for fake Tories

In case you wondered, I’m not at the Tory Party Conference this week. Really, what would be the point? I’m with Richard North on this one: our political class exists in a bubble so remote from reality there is just no point taking their witterings seriously any more.

I’ll give you one example: Theresa May’s tough talk on the Human Rights Act. (Which, presumably, was agreed on after anxious consultation with the Lib Dem Coalition partners: “It’s OK, Vince, Chicken-Man, Nicksy-poo, Theresa doesn’t really mean it. We’ve just decided its time for our Token Woman to play our Token Red Meat Tory for the week. So she can regain her credibility after her crap performance during the riots”).

As May must surely have known…

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2 thoughts on “A rude shock for fake Tories”

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