CO2 is good for you

Imagine a world where CO2 was not a deadly poison in need of urgent regulation by the European Union and the Environmental Protection Agency but a hugely beneficial trace gas which helped plants to thrive…

If you’ve read Watermelons – or indeed hung around this column for any length of time – you’ll know that that world already exists. What you might not know, as I certainly didn’t until a few months back, is that CO2 can also make you healthier. I learned this from reader Christopher Drake wrote in to ask whether I’d heard of the Buteyko Method.

Konstantin Buteyko was a high-level Soviet physician who came up with the novel theory that what he called “Diseases of Civilisation” – by which he meant everything from asthma to depression to…

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3 thoughts on “CO2 is good for you”

  1. Oxygen is essential to human life, too much and it’s toxic. Salt is essential to the human body, too much and it will kill you. If something is too much in abundance and starts having an adverse effect, then in scientific terminology it is classed as a pollutant. When will you start reading science and reporting objectively?

    Perhaps you should stick yourself in a room with 100% CO2, see how you fair?

  2. Just came to your website to say that you are the lowest form of life. Lying and over exaggerating without even understanding the basics. Dont read anything this man says people he only wants you to go to his website to get some click, he is what we call an internet troll and does not deserve a second of your time. Please die so that the world can be a better place.

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