Family photos, paedophile scares and the Stasification of Britain

No doubt you’re as shocked as I am by the story of the photographer in Scotland questioned by police after taking pictures of his 4-year old daughter eating ice-cream in a shopping mall:
Staff at an ice cream stall in Braehead shopping centre, near Glasgow, became suspicious when they saw Chris White taking pictures of his four-year-old daughter Hazel with his mobile phone at around 4pm on Friday afternoon.

‘He [the security guard] said I had been spotted taking photos in the shopping centre which was “illegal”… and then asked me to delete the ones I had taken,’ White told Amateur Photographer (AP).

When White said he had already uploaded two images to Facebook, and refused to delete them, the guard called police.
But what’s more depressing is the…

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4 thoughts on “Family photos, paedophile scares and the Stasification of Britain”

  1. This happened to me 3 yrs ago in a shopping mall in Sydney but the guard left when my step- granddaughter(age 6 at the time) said “Come in Amr take the photo before the rocking horse stops moving”
    Amr Marzouk
    Manly Beach Australia
    PS when are you arriving in Australia

  2. Heads they win, tails you lose.

    Here on the Isle of Wight, we have the mainland’s ‘Hampshire police force’, to tell us right from wrong. They ingratiate themselves by claiming to be the ‘Isle of Wight police force’; and they sweeten the lie when inducing children to their perverse politics:

    Thus it is a HATE crime to scrutinize the gender or sexual orientation of another, whilst being de rigueur to presume the guilt of Wightmen- ‘better safe than sorry’.

    It should be noted that for the very rare occasions of ‘paedophilia’, it is usually committed by pederasts; a name that stretches back centuries. The Marxist-Feminist cultural subversives, have introduced the modern term of ‘paedophilia’, in order to smear the evolutionary innocence of fatherhood, so as to replace the family by the state’s bureaucracy, as witnessed by the ballooning of numbers of children farmed off into nurseries, or even taken forcibly into state care – ‘better safe than sorry’.

    In light of what I have said, it follows as a hate crime to point out: that there is a disproportionate number of homosexuals in positions of management in both the police force, and social services – ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

  3. Just came to your website to say that you are the lowest form of life. Lying and over exaggerating without even understanding the basics. Dont read anything this man says people he only wants you to go to his website to get some click, he is what we call an internet troll and does not deserve a second of your time. Please die so that the world can be a better place.

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