'Let's commit suicide more slowly,' suggests Osborne

One and a half cheers for George Osborne. As the UK economy prepares to hurl itself off a cliff, he has decided it should do so with a parachute with lots of holes in it. Which is an improvement on his Plan A, which was to do so with no parachute at all: (H/T Benny Peiser/Global Warming Policy Foundation)
George Osborne has vowed that the UK will not lead the rest of Europe in its efforts to cut carbon emissions, raising the prospect that the country’s carbon targets could be watered down if the EU does not agree to more ambitious emission reduction goals.

In a potentially explosive intervention, Osborne insisted the government will only cut emissions in…

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5 thoughts on “'Let's commit suicide more slowly,' suggests Osborne”

  1. Platitudes. Platitudes. Platitudes. Did not Cameron come into power with the economy growing? Is it not the reality that today he and his banker friends have the economy teetering on a double-dip recession. Competent or what? The bankers largely created the debt crisis yet all we hear from DC are endless delusional platitudes. This is a well meaning Prime Minister clearly out of his depth.

  2. Sir, I wonder if youwould be so kind as to provide a link to the DECC website source of your £18 billion a year until 2050 comment. I’d like to see what it includes.

  3. The ruling class must feel invulnerable. I suppose there is some justification for this- their numbers and remuneration have been growing by leaps and bounds through recent times. We simply have to take the decisions for our economic well-being out of their hands. I’ m not a gold bug, but some way of liberating ourselves from the self-serving decisions of elected and non-elected officials has to be found.

    1. Actually they’re quite distressed – they stepped up their looting of our hard work, and suddenly we’re not listening to some of their lies. That wasn’t the plan – they thought we would pay more attention as we looked to them for salvation.

  4. Just came to your website to say that you are the lowest form of life. Lying and over exaggerating without even understanding the basics. Dont read anything this man says people he only wants you to go to his website to get some click, he is what we call an internet troll and does not deserve a second of your time. Please die so that the world can be a better place.

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