The iPod has cheapened pop music

Can you remember where you were when you saw your first iPod? I can, for two reasons. The first is that the location was so bizarre: Africa’s remotest safari camp, on the Namibian/Angolan border. And the second is that it was the only thing at dinner that evening capable of supplanting the newly launched War on Terror as the main conversational topic.

It’s easy to be blasé about something that has grown so ubiquitous in the decade since it was launched. But at the time, the iPod felt really special.

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2 thoughts on “The iPod has cheapened pop music”

  1. It is worse than that , Jim!

    As an even older fuddy duddy I cam remember the thrill of going down to the record shop every week and trolling through the racks and then listening to ALL the new rock albums released that week. Then buying the one I liked best to add to my small but growing collection.
    I felt like I was discovering new bands on my own!
    The albums cost me a lot of my disposable income, and as a consequence were treasured. My (stereo!) record player was venerated like a holy relic.
    Times change and all that….I have moved to playing music rather than listening to it that much these days…. but I am sad for the iPod generation that they are missing out on the excitement and pleasure I had in the early sixties.

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