Who funds the Climate Alarmists?

A few days ago, none of you will have noticed, the New York Times’s tragically well-meaning environmental columnist Andy Revkin ran a flow chart on his blog – produced by two US academics with evidently an awful lot of time on their hands – showing the mechanisms of the EVIL CLIMATE DENIAL MACHINE (TM).

I personally was very disappointed in it. For one thing, it did not show the $10 million per day the Koch Brothers funnel directly into my account for the deliberate lies I tell on their behalf about Man Made Global Warming. For another, it did not include a picture of the splendid hooded purple velvet cloaks, nor the elaborate Blood-Diamond-encrusted cod pieces which we Deniers sport at our orgiastic convocations where we ritually sacrifice at least one polar bear cub, one snail darter and…

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One thought on “Who funds the Climate Alarmists?”

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