Climategate 2.0: the most damning email of them all

“What was the most damning email in the entire Climategate saga?” future historians will no doubt ask. “Was it the Hide the Decline one? Was it maybe the one where Michael Mann tries to recruit private detectives to spy on Steve McIntyre for the crime of debunking his Hockey Stick? Was it the one where Kevin Trenberth describes it as a “travesty” that he and his climate conspirators can’t account for the lack of warming?”

Nope. None of the above.

The worst, most toecurlingly awful, damning, vile, reprehensible, stomach-churningly dreadful email – the one that shows the Warmist junk-scientists in a light of such festering syphilitic repellance they can never possibly recover is this, the Christmas ditty specially written by Kevin Trenberth in celebration of the Nobel  committee’s comedic…

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4 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0: the most damning email of them all”

  1. Hi Dellers,

    Thanks for the h/t to tallblokes talkshop, I noticed the original ‘lyricist’ showed up on the telegraph blog post to fess up.

    I have written a riposte in limerick style, after reading the wikipedia entry on ‘The Anthropocene’: a daft notion that we’re afflictingthe planet so much, we need to have a geological era named after our calumny.

    Some concerned geologists are keen
    On an idea cooked up by Eugene
    It’s touted by Stoermer
    That we’ve made the world warmer
    And started the ‘Anthropocene’.

    But the sceptics are beset with a doubt
    That mankind has really the clout:
    To change the worlds climate
    Takes more than a primate
    Burning oil when he’s out and about!

    So when talking to this or that ‘ologist
    Beware they know not what the knowledge is
    ‘Cos I have a hunch
    They’re all just a bunch
    Of guilt ridden Anthrop-a-pologists.

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