Don’t expect the BBC to tell you, but Ukip is on the march

‘Farage has only got one ball.’ The last time I made reference to the Ukip leader’s monotesticular status, I got a rocket from an outraged reader. But the reader had missed the point entirely. Nigel Farage’s handicap is a strength, not a weakness. He’s open about it, he’s unembarrassed by it and he’s a better man for it. Yes, Farage may have lost a bollock to cancer, but by God he’s got more cojones than almost any Conservative you could name.

Our Nigel is a Conservative himself, of course. Just one who has been temporarily dispossessed by the mainstream party. When you talk to Farage he’s…

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3 thoughts on “Don’t expect the BBC to tell you, but Ukip is on the march”

  1. As a Nigel myself, I have some sympathy with UKIP’s leader. How do you get people to vote for a Nigel? I think he needs to honestly go for the No. 1 lie about the EUSSR: the lie that we need to fund the IMF and be a member because 40% of our trade was with other EUSSR member states. This ignores arithmetic. The BBC who hype the 40% figure are unaware that it implies that 60% of our trade is OUTSIDE the EUSSR. F*%$ the EUSSR. In any case, Poland in 1990 had 100% of its trade with other Warsaw Pact/USSR members, and in WWII all of France’s trade was with Nazi states. Did that mean that France in 1942 and Poland in 1990 had to strive to preserve the Third Reich or Communism, JUST because IT WAS A TRADING PARTNER? Nigel, please consider telling it like it is. Please start using the >60% figure to support your case.

    THE FUTURE OF THE UK IS FOR JAMES EUSSR CAMERON TO START LOOKING TO EXPAND THE 60% OF THE UK TRADE WITH CHINA, USA, NOT TO F&%$ AROUND TRYING TO PRETEND THE DECLINING<40% TRADE WITH THE EUSSR – WHERE IT IS A DEFICIT ANYHOW (WE IMPORT MORE FROM IT THAN THEY BUY FROM US) IS A BIGGER NUMBER AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN 60%. Hope James also gets this argument and can use it. It’s so frustrating hearing endless BBC pro-EUSSR lies, hype, propaganda, pretending that the 40% declining trade with the EUSSR is more important than a the growing 60% with the rest of the world. Cameron is stuck on the sinking ship, but he can now show the intelligence of a rat and leave it. Or he can go down fighting for a lost cause, an evil cause, the loss of liberty to morons in Brussels. Nigel has got to make this case effectively and either reform or oust the Cons. It’s already too late in many ways, but it’s better late than never.

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