Only a totalitarian New World Order can save us now says Naomi Klein

No Logo author Naomi Klein has a solution to climate change and it goes like this: punitive taxation; massive wealth re-distribution; the abolition of free trade and free markets; a state-enforced end to to the “cult of shopping”; the whole to be supervised by a New World Order of selfless illuminati (who presumably resemble Naomi Klein).

If it weren’t so scary it would almost be funny, the way the leftie Canadian activist on the basis of no evidence whatsoever declares that the time has come to strip the human race of all its hard-won freedoms in order to save the planet from a non-existent problem. Unfortunately, Klein means it and her audience takes her seriously. Just read the…

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One thought on “Only a totalitarian New World Order can save us now says Naomi Klein”

  1. Naomi Klein is a credit to hypocrites everywhere; she takes hypocrisy to new levels only matched by Al Gore himself. She must believe that come the Millenium she and her fellows will be flying around in electric Zeppelins, dropping carbon credits on the peons below while they drink fair trade champagne and plan their next forays into utopian activism. They are truly a disease, but also the cure; their plans will see to it that their pampered sort will have a hard time surviving to the next millenium. Unluckily, they’ll be dragging a lot of us down that same oubliette.

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