Ha ha Warmist losers. For you the war is over

Warmists, reacting with horror to their defeat

One of my resolutions this year is to write as little as possible about global warming. Not only will it make my wife much happier but it will also free me up to talk about more important things such as monetary collapse, hyperinflation and the imminent end of Western civilisation. Oh and also there’s hardly much need for my input on climate change any more. That’s because, basically, my side has won.

Here’s how The Financial Times recently put it:

To the relief of many of the country’s biggest manufacturers and industries, there has been a distinct shift in the government’s tone on green issues. Even Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s chief policy adviser, and the man credited with coining the phrase “vote blue, go green”, appears to…

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5 thoughts on “Ha ha Warmist losers. For you the war is over”

  1. There isn’t any global warming to write about anyway. It stopped over a decade ago, as you know. Cloud cover is compensating for CO2, a fact the IPCC won’t admit into any of its computer models.

  2. Global warming/environmentalism is today’s fashionable religion precisely because of its extremism and because of the way it deals with facts and dissent. Christianity lost popularity when it gave ground to science facts. In the same way, science lost ground when it became a dogmatic elitist cult around 1850, when science was glued on to universities (which had always defended status quo and resisted change, as a matter of principle). Environmentalism is the most popular social movement in the United States, with six thousand different environmental groups. It’s more popular than pure science, politics, and religion. It draws from all three.

    Paul Hermann Müller in 1948 he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his 1939 discovery of insecticidal qualities and use of DDT against mosquitos and other insects carrying malaria, yellow fever, typus, etc. DDT in January 1944 stopped an outbreak of lice-carried typus in Naples, it stopped potato beetles in the USA, and just 1 lb/acre of DDT on swamps and jungle (timed to avoid the bird nesting season) killed the mosquitos and started to make an indent into the 500 million annual malaria cases (with 2 million annual fatalities) in Africa. Then along came Miss Rachel Carson.

    Her 1962 book “Silent Spring” ignored the life-saving facts in killing bad insects, and the lox toxicity of DDT on mammals and birds (birds are actually less susceptible than mammals, since the LD50 of DDT is 0.11 gram/kg of bodyweight in rats but 0.50 gram/kg in quails). As long as it was kept away from fish (it settles to the bottom in water anyway), and only applied in summer after the bird nesting season was over, there was no problem. By exaggerating an imaginary “threat”, the ecofascists managed to get DDT banned in the USA in 1972, despite the fact it had only killed a handful of birds and fish, and had saved 25 million human lives, even according to the lefty World Health Organization!

    It turns out that DDT is only a problem in the food chain when applied to lakes. From 1949-54, DDD (related to DDT but less toxic to fish) was applied to Clear Lake, California, to deal with midges. It was concentrated in plankton and fish, and birds ate the fish, and the chemical interfered with calcium metabolish, causing soft egg shells which broke easily. Solution: don’t deliberately put enormous amounts of DDD or DDT into lakes.

    Carson’s book wasn’t objective: it drew strength from ignorance, hiding in the few gaps in scientific understanding and magnifying the few uncertainties into disaster prophecy. She failed to balance the benefits to human life against the trivial harm to wildlife, and opted instead for unproven alternatives to DDT. Her favourite alternative to DDT was the use of gamma radiation to sterilise adult male insects. This only partially worked in a screw-worm test between 1957-9 in Florida, where 20 aircraft had to distribute 50 million radiation-sterilized screw worm flies weekly for 74 weeks. You can’t do that with mosquitos.

  3. James , I watched you online at N R recently and would like to add a comment about enviromentalism and G W ….we are clearly witnessing the birth of a new religion ; the religious impulse in secular form with theit holy prophets (algore), vision of the apocalypse , legions of true believers and orders of warrior monks with their ”holy symbols” that will look good worn as a shoulder patch on their greenshirts …the windturbine painted green and is evocative of the christian cross

  4. Since you are ever so wise and you will have time for some serious punditry, I implore you to take a look at a dire cloud I have foreseen; Obama’s Scorched Earth policy. I hope I am wrong but there doesn’t seem to be much chance of that.

    Since Obama seems to be very hostile to the country who granted him such favor and he is very willing to abuse any power he can get – what do you think he will do with the power of the Executive Office and the almighty presidential pen during the post election weeks while the rest of us are cheering his defeat?

    I have several dire predictions including blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens living in the US (with no way to verify when they actually entered it will become an open-ended floodgate!) There are many worse things he will do to punish America in his final weeks. If he does, what options do we have to stop or reverse any of this?

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