High Speed Rail: broken Britain's latest new suicidal gesture

A total and utter waste of money

When I read the letter in yesterday’s Telegraph in which a bunch of self-described “business leaders” (ugh!) urged the government to push through its High Speed Rail plans, two things sprang immediately to mind. The first was the similarly bullying and wrongheaded letter from the 364 economists who wrote to tell the Times in 1981 that Margaret Thatcher’s monetary policies would be a disaster for Britain. And the second was just how dishonest its argument was.

The main thrust of it was: lots of “world-class economies” have HS2, so we should too because, er, we should.

On these grounds you could justify all sorts of things. China, for example, is estimated to execute as many as 5,000 people a year. Their economy is much bigger than ours and…

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