Why should broke Britain bankroll immigrant spongers?

A couple of days ago I posted on the heartwarming story of Firuta Vasile, 27 – the Roma woman with four children who came to Britain five years ago, claims not to have been able to find work except as a Big Issue seller, and currently snaffles in excess of £25,000 in benefits, courtesy of the British taxpayer. And who has just snaffled another £2,500 in housing benefit having argued – through an interpreter, also funded by you, the British taxpayer, and with the support of a Welfare Benefits Adviser called Andy King – that this is no more than her fair entitlement.


What shocked me almost more than the story itself was the reaction from some of our menagerie of trolls.

Here’s one of our friends from across the water:

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2 thoughts on “Why should broke Britain bankroll immigrant spongers?”

  1. James, this is an EUSSR story: if you watch the BBC news, they only report immigration problems of people coming in from outside the EUSSR, like hard-working Americans who can’t get work visas here. They won’t report problems of people coming from within the EUSSR for benefits handouts.

    This is your friend Cameron’s fault for staying in the EUSSR. We have no border controls against EUSSR benefit seekers from communist Greece, Spain, Greece, France, Greece, and former communist states like Romanian gypsies don’t go through the green channel and aren’t even recorded in statistics when they arrive, so there is no hard data, just anecdotal cases which Cameron easily ignores.

    Of course Britain is the soft touch. The irony is that Cameron – instead of telling the EUSSR to **** off and getting out of that new Warsaw Pact – is punishing British people by tightening up welfare for all here. If he had quit the EUSSR and stopped this benefit scam, the money would be available for the people already here. Instead, Cameron believes leaving the EUSSR is immoral. So he has to limit benefits to large British families and force them to move into cheaper areas to survive, instead of cutting the benefits drain by quitting the EUSSR and controlling immigration from Europe.

    I can’t watch the BBC anymore. They keep claiming that because there are no statistics kept on immigration from Europe anymore, there is no immigration from Europe. This is the delusion Cameron is in. Avoid keeping records, and then conflate the absence of data with the alleged absense of a problem. Socialists who claimed immigration controls from Europe are racist will, we can predict, next start complaining that the benefits cuts needed to the welfare state (due to immigration) are even more unfair.

    Of course Britain’s benefits culture, the most generous in Europe, is a magnet for these EUSSR immigrants. Nobody with more than a single brain cell could ahve failed to see this problem emerging from the EUSSR. We can’t afford it. Ultimately, benefits will be cut for all, just because Cameron doesn’t want to stop further abuse by those responsible for the drain, by ending our EUSSR membership. It reminds me of a mentally weak socialist school teacher, who refused to punish or deter disruptive students and instead kept the entire class in during breaks, in the belief that it was more “fair” punish everyone for the excesses of a few. This is Cameron in a nutshell. Political correctness on EUSSR membership, to help prop up a few losing big brand names whose chairmen he is friends with or whatever, who keep our “balance of trade” with the EUSSR a trade deficit, but insist that it is somehow vital for British jobs that we’re controlled by slimy eco-socialists in Brussels.

  2. Well done JD. I have just read that Gloucestershire Police have closed 19 police stations and plan to cut more officers and even reduce neighbourhood policing! Perhaps if we started to look after the British tax payer and used the monies spent on immigrants being paid welfare, then, these cuts would not happen. On a similar note I hear that the Overseas aid budget will increase to some £11 billon in 2014! Why oh why do we put up with this?

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