Islamists: funny till the bombs go off

What are we to make of Anjem Choudary, ex-leader of banned groups including Islam 4 UK, Muslims Against Crusades and, before that, of Al Muhajiroun – original meeting place of the terrorist gang which has just been convicted of a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange?

The sophisticated view – taken by everyone from Justin Elliott in Salon to Rod Liddle in the Spectator – is that he is a harmless, publicity-seeking buffoon.

Here’s Rod:

Anjem Choudray, who dreamed up the march, is one of those thick-as-mince gobby little chancers who could only possibly come from Britain — Welling, Kent, in this particular case. Think Derek Hatton, except with an additional ideological commitment…

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One thought on “Islamists: funny till the bombs go off”

  1. “Islamist” is lumping together good and bad Muslims, which is not such a good idea. It’s only really in the last century that Islamic extremists have taken issue with the West, a problem caused by increasing secularism, women’s liberation, feminism, political correctness in general, increased alcoholism, the invention of the bikini, Hollywood sleeze, etc. In Britain until 1918, women had no right to vote in the UK, and from 1918-28 they could only vote after the age of 30. Only in 1928 could they vote at 21. The morality gap and intoleranve between the West and Islamic states has opened up over the past century due to Western liberalism.

    Anjem Choudary is known so it’s just a question of whether it’s cheaper and safer for him to be monitored by MI5 loose in Britain, or locked up inside a prison. Since prisons seem to differ little from hotels, what’s the difference? The bigger problem is Russia and China vetoeing the UN resolution on Syria, which has support from Iran, which continues to enrich U-235 and develop ICBMs. Is Islamic fundamentalism going to spark a war with Israel, with Western states backing Israel and Russia and China behind Islam? Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor at Baghdad in 1981 before it started producing plutonium, but Iran’s facilities are underground in a mountain and can’t be destroyed. Putting blockage/sanctions pressure on Iran sounds like a nice politically correct alternative to war, but that was precisely what Roosevelt did to Japan when it invaded China. Result: Pearl Harbor. Samuel Huntington, interview in Time magazine, 28 June 1993:

    “The conflicts among civilizations will be increasingly central: the West and Islam, Islam and Hindu civilizations in India, Islam vs. the slavic Orthodox Russian civilization, China and Japan as civilizations. … Islam is the most strict religion in the world outside of Christianity. There is no separation between religion and politics. … The most significant dividing line in Europe now is the line where Western Christianity ends and Orthodox Christianity and Islam begin. That is a line which hasn’t changed much in several hundred years. Its significance was suppressed during the cold war. … The cold war was relatively simple. The Russians certainly had no martyr complex. They were rational in ways we tend to think of as rationality. It is not clear that people in these other civilizations think in the same way.”

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