Andrew Breitbart: RIP

I keep going back to @andrewbreitbart’s Twitter feed, still unable to believe that one of my conservative heroes has dropped down dead at the age of just 43. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised: Breitbart did enjoy a voraciously Type A lifestyle – smoking, drinking and burger-scoffing like there was no tomorrow. Which, sadly, for this big-hearted, generous, witty, rumbustious, intelligent, fearless father-of-four there now isn’t.

Like PJ O’Rourke, Breitbart was one of those rare types who manages to make conservatism look both fun and cool. A journalist, blogger, polemicist and founder of the Big Hollywood/Big Journalism/Big Government right-wing US blog stable (under the umbrella, Breitbart’s greatest speciality was lefty-baiting. One of his favourite techniques was simply to turn up at lefty rallies with…

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One thought on “Andrew Breitbart: RIP”

  1. Yeah, when are they going to release the autopsy results? For that matter, when are we going to see the videos that Andrew Breitbart said he was going to release just hours before he “died”?

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