Kickstarter, FrackNation and proof that there IS a God!

OK, so you’re a BBC/Channel 4/CNBC commissioning editor. Or you’re maybe in charge of the selection panel for the Sundance Film Festival. Or you’re a feature writer for the New York Times and you’re wondering which pieces of gag-making worthiness to big up next. Which of these projects are you going to choose:

1. The one about the alleged victim of a racist miscarriage of justice.

2. The Occupy-style critique of Western Industrial civilisation.

3. The movie singing the praises of evil capitalist devil fuel, shale gas.

Well, obviously, it’s a no brainer. The first two get funding and attention and the third one gets ignored completely. It’s the way of the world. That’s how the liberal MSM exerts its grip on the culture – and has done since at least the days of Gramsci.

But, wait, what’s this? Could it possibly…

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