Capitalism has not failed. Capitalism has not recently been tried

If Britain is ever to recover from this economic mess it needs a compelling ideological vision. That’s the message of a brilliant new report produced for the Centre for Policy Studies (the think-tank that launched the Thatcher revolution) by economist Tim Morgan (of the excellent Tullett Prebon)

Here’s the potted version, as written for Spectator blogs. First, his analysis of the problem:
Back in 1945, everyone knew that Attlee’s Labour administration stood for the welfare state and Keynesian economics. In 1979, with Britain nearly broke, everyone knew that Thatcher stood for de-regulating the economy and breaking the power of the union barons.

Everyone knew what those governments stood for. Can anyone really say the same of the current government?

Let’s be clear that we do not need another…

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  1. For someone with the benefits of an (apparently) very good education you seem spectaculary ignorant in economics – have you tried getting a post at the TPA?

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