David Cameron's shale gas lifeline

With shale gas this won’t be covered in bloody wind turbines

David Cameron’s administration is in trouble, on this I think we can all agree. Even my menagerie of house trolls. It’s certainly what I’m hearing from Conservative insiders. “The whole party is on manoeuvres” – someone told me the other day, meaning that every half-way ambitious MP is positioning him or herself to take advantage of the Coalition’s inevitable implosion and Cameron’s almost-as-inevitable downfall. As another Tory boasted to me recently, “If there’s one thing we’re really good at in this party, it’s knifing our failing leaders in the back.”

So what’s Cameron to do? Is there really no way out of this mess for him? Well on current form I’d say definitely no. If Cameron carries on as he is, denying us the…

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4 thoughts on “David Cameron's shale gas lifeline”

  1. Dear Mr. Delingpole,
    When did you realize that being a contrarian was your passport to financial gain? I’d love to know.
    How about starting a new cult?

    1. As opposed to say Al Gore’s 8 figure windfall from his climate rantings? An alarmist windfall which would have been billions, if Copenhagen had worked as the organisers were hoping?

      1. Doesn’t take long for the denial community to start the Gore bashing routine if all else fails.

  2. With any due respect, James, anyone who thinks that Fracking is the answer… is asking the wrong question.

    I know you refuse to accept the nature of reality but anyone who accepts that the ongoing climate disruption we are now witnessing… (presumably you have noticed that record-breaking temperatures in the USA and accept that if it is raining in the UK the Law of Conservation of Mass dictates that it must be failing to rain elsewhere)… Ahem, any such person will also conclude that now is the time to stop mining fossil fuels NOT find new kinds to exploit…

    You know, when in a hole stop digging kind of thing…

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