Rodney King saved my life

In April 1992, I was on holiday in California when the LA riots broke out. Arriving back at Laguna Beach after a roadtrip I was greeted by three, increasingly desperate answer messages from the Daily Telegraph foreign desk. The first wondered whether I was around and could I ring back soon. The second asked could I call back as SOON as I got the message because it was very very urgent. The third screamed that riots were breaking out all over Los Angeles and being the nearest journalist available (the stringer was on holiday) they needed me now.

For all this I had to thank the late Rodney King – the footage of whose beating after a car chase led to a trial in which the police responsible were acquitted. That’s when the…

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9 thoughts on “Rodney King saved my life”

  1. Rodney King drown in a swimming pool ? but they didn’t tell you it was filled with Budweiser ….when they found his bloated body there was less than 1 Ft of beer left in the pool
    Moses may indeed of parted the Red Sea , but it was Rodney King who prefomed the real miracle of ”parting and emptying ”the swimming pool …allegedly, his last words were ‘ ‘ Is that you Moses , burp ?…can we all just , hick , hick , GET ALONG ‘ ‘ ?

      1. It appears strange goings on are a going on at the DT, I have multiple theories, it’s a virus/malware, they are going behind a paywall, upgrading to diksux 2012 (latest evil software release), or it’s space aliens.
        Or blobby has lost it and is now holding them all hostage at the DT.
        Most likely space aliens so I will now adjust my tin foil hat. If you need an alternate meeting place try…..

        1. So what are you going to do for a life now that the thread is down ? hahaha …you’re probably got some bizarre conspiracy theory about what’s going on

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