So what if Cameron left his daughter behind in the pub?

Pretty sure these ones aren’t mine. Bloody hell, hope Sam doesn’t notice

To me it’s a sign that he and Samantha are normal parents, that’s all. Have I ever accidentally left any of my offspring behind in playgrounds/beaches/pubs/casinos/abbatoirs/brothels? Quite possibly. I really can’t remember but if I ever did the process would have gone something like this: Massive panic. Huge bollocking from the wife. Mad dash to retrieve child/children. Relief all round. But hey, nobody died.

When you have your first child – and I remember this vividly as I looked down on Infant 1, who had emerged barely 30 seconds earlier and had been passed to me by the midwife saying “He’s yours now!” – your immediate instinct is: “This can’t be right. I’ve…

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2 thoughts on “So what if Cameron left his daughter behind in the pub?”

  1. What do you mean by Jimmy Carr’s credibility is toast.
    For heavens sake he is a Comic, a Clown he neither has nor needs credibility.
    Taxes are not a moral issue but legal extortion and if there is a legal way to avoid them there can be no objection. All those who can do so. It is for the government to so formulate the law that it is impossible.
    George Herbert, Bournemouth

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