BBC endorses tax avoidance. Good. Now can we stop paying our licence fees?

Clarkson: tofu-munching Cameroon (Pic: AFP/Getty

I wonder what the BBC’s favourite Lefty “tax expert” – aka otherwise obscure Norfolk accountant Richard Murphy – will make of this story about the BBC helping its top stars avoid income tax by channeling their earnings through private companies.

Normally – Murphy being ever-available and ideologically in tune with the BBC’s Fabian Weltanschauung – I’m sure they’d have him on in a trice to explain in his usual way how if we all paid more tax we’d all be happier and the sun would shine every day just like it did in the Ukraine in the great days of Comrade Stalin. Given the circs, though, I suspect on this occasion the BBC will pass. There are few things the BBC enjoys less than being called on its own grotesque hypocrisy.


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