Arguments for wind power are just hot air

Why on earth am I standing as an independent candidate in the Corby by-election? The very last thing I want is to be an MP and, in any case, I’d make a ruddy useless politician – as I discovered on my first day of campaigning.

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6 thoughts on “Arguments for wind power are just hot air”

  1. A huge public service by increasing awareness of this scam amongst bill payers. Please focus on the economics i.e. Would you buy an expensive car that frequently refuses to work for hours (sometimes days) on end ?

    1. No, but if I bought a fleet of old bangers with intermittent failures, I would usually have several to choose from when I wanted a drive. One turbine = unreliable. Hundreds across different parts of the country = rather reliable, always some turning.

  2. As wiser heads have noted elsewhere on the web: there are ZERO wind farms in the Corby constituency! In political terms all you will end up doing is splitting the right wing vote. Pointless egotism.

  3. There are no auguments for wind farms as far as i can tell. They do not reduce humanities carbon footprint (I doubt it would be a problem if they did.). They do not produce any worthwhile power. They have many detrimental effects.THEY COST A VAST AMMOUNT OF MONEY (Money that goes out of the country.)

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