'Imagine there's no shale gas…'

As Yoko Ono’s not-nearly-as-famous-or-talented late husband once almost wrote:
“Imagine there’s no fracking

It isn’t hard to do.

No jobs or cheap energy

The world economy in the poo….”
So how good John Lennon must be feeling right now as he looks down from his heavenly cloud to observe his caterwauling beloved and their ubertalented progeny Sean Ono Lennon carrying on the fight against the Evil Cheap And Abundant Energy Menace They Call Shale Gas.

The bit John will feel specially proud of, I imagine, is the one where Sean Ono (who describes himself as a “hippie” who “doesn’t condone violence”) Tweets lovingly to one of his pro-shale-gas critics “You are an argument for abortion.”

As a long time Yoko and Sean fan I think there’s a lot more mileage in…

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