The Met Office – defending the indefensible, as per usual

Another bright sunny day as predicted by the Met Office…

The Met Office is very cross with me. Well you can hardly blame it given that I’ve just published a big piece explaining what a spectacular waste of taxpayers’ money it is.

So now it has used some of the £200 million we pay it every year to get one of its in-house turd-polishers to publish a defiant blogpost defending its inglorious forecasting record, such as its non-existent “barbecue summer” and the terrible, snow-bound winter of 2010 which, as late as October that year, it was confidently predicting would be “unusually dry and mild.”

The Met Office’s pathetic defence? That its five day forecasts accurately predicted all the weather events I claimed it failed to predict – and here to prove it was a letter from…

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2 thoughts on “The Met Office – defending the indefensible, as per usual”

  1. Simultaneously entertainingly and depressingly true to form, Delingpole fires his nonsensical chaff to try (but fail) to dodge the Met Office’s very effective, refressingly factually based demolition of his Daily Mail piece

    JD’s argument still well and truly shot down tho..see

    JD evidently is a guy with great energy and talent but does he not have the insight to see “Climategates I/II ” were not JUST both baseless wrecking gambits ahead of respective COPS…but also VERY VERY obviously so to anyone with a brain, whatever their views on climate science? Admittedly mostly entertainingly whipped up into a self righteous hysteria by JD , Christopher Booker et al…loved imagining the screeching indignation in their voices going right off the scale. But surely any journalism covering such important scientific questions and uncertainties should be MUCH better than this, arguing different perspectives with honour and mutual respect…it could still be entertaining.

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