Margaret Thatcher dies; Dave basks in the limelight

David Cameron was all over BBC’s Six O’Clock News in his sombre tie, pronouncing prime ministerially about how Margaret Thatcher was a “great leader and a great Briton.” He added: “She didn’t just lead our country, she saved our country.”

Nice sentiments, Dave, with which many of us agree; but what sticks in our craw, rather, is the way – just like you did at the Olympics – you will insist on jemmying your way into the limelight in order to bathe in the reflected glory of a much greater talent’s achievements. If you were doing a half way decent job of running the country just now it might be different. We’d consider it one of the perks of your station to enjoy the occasional moment of national significance…

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2 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher dies; Dave basks in the limelight”

  1. Progressives are marked by the single-minded determination to create well-intentioned failures. However, at this point, I think I’d trade Obama. Interested?

  2. James, Can you name just ONE broadcaster in the WORLD that comes even close to the range and number of spoken word programs with such consistently high quality as the BBC ? I live in Canada and travel through the USA and there are only two broadcasters that are remotely close to the BBC and they are the CBC and NPR, even they use a considerable number of BBC programs., Alan Ontario Canada

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