Coward at the Bridge

(Simon and Schuster) June 2009

Coward at the Bridge
Coward At The Bridge continues the adventures of Dick Coward and Tom Price, this time at Operation Market Garden. This time the pressure is really on for Dick to win a VC. Otherwise the family estate Great Meresby will go to his terrible twin brother James. But how can he possibly win a VC when it’s quite clear that this operation is going to be such a pushover.

Market Garden was quite possibly the most exciting operation of World War II involving acts of quite astonishing heroism both at Arnhem Bridge (and neighbouring Oosterbeek) and also Nijmegen where the US airborne troops of 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment paddled across the River Waal under heavy fire in a bloody action nicknamed Little Omaha. Dick, of course, is in the thick of it all.

You will like if: you liked Coward On The Beach: this sequel is funnier, darker, weirder, more gripping.

You will dislike if: you don’t get this kind of thing at all.

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