TEA Party Power Hour Radioshow

James discusses his favourite topics and his new book with host Mark Gillar. (08/01/2011)

Dennis Miller Radioshow

James discusses his new book ‘365 Ways To Drive A Liberal Crazy’. (04/01/11)

BBC News

James Delingpole and Ken Livingstone on the Tea Party movement. (08/11/2010)

BBC News

James Delingpole vs. George Monbiot. (04/03/2010)

C4 Podcast Interview

James weighs in on Obamacare on C4’s (Clarence Mitchell IV’s) show. (17/06/2009)

BBC – Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

James discusses men’s relationships with male friends on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. (18/06/2009)

Rick Amato Podcast

James on the socialization of America. 19/05/2009

Donal Blaney Podcast Interview

Freedom of expression online allows James to talk freely – and very colourfully – on the European Union, the  Left, and Edward Heath. 15/04/2009

The Right Perspective

Click here to listen to James on The Right Perspective. (30/03/09)


James tells ABC’s Counterpoint why he thinks Obama is America’s Tony Blair. (16/02/2009)

Little Atoms

James talks Dick Coward on the show Little Atoms. (04/07/2008)

What Are Museums For?

To listen to James discuss this (the subject of the essay he won the 2005 Charles Douglas-Home Memorial Trust Award for) click here. (17/05/2007)

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